Siberia Trip 2008


In June-July 2008 I traveled to six different locations in Siberia with the “Summer Lectures”  hosted by the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church, assisted by Concordia Theological Seminary, Ft. Wayne.  There are about 12 slides at the beginning explaining some history of the Lutheran church in Russia and Siberia with 110 photos more of the people and the places I experienced. The Lutherans in Siberia were great hosts and it was a trip I will never forget!


There are two ways to views this presentation. The pdf file (13 megabyte file) or the jpeg photos below. You can save the pdf file to your computer to view it that way if you wish, but I have disabled the print feature.  Videos are at the bottom of this page.

PDF File (Acrobat)

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Photo Gallery

These are the same photos as in the pdf file, but you can view them individually from this web page. (The view with PicLens feature is pretty cool if you don’t mind installing the free viewer. Be sure you follow the slide order with the down arrow key.)


These videos are noted in the presentation. (not available yet)