S Africa Ministry 2011-2013

Carl and Deborah began with LC-MS Office of International in June 2011 with calls to assist the pastoral and deaconess training at Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) in Pretoria, South Africa. Carl taught several doctrinal courses as well as a introduction to computing course. Deborah taught the residential deaconess students at the seminary. Both pastoral and deaconess students were from a number of African countries as well as from South Africa. Carl and Deborah taught one and a half academic years at LTS before leaving to serve in Ethiopia for a year (2013-2014). Ted attended two South African schools during the year and a half in South Africa.

A photo essay will be added to this page later, but much of Carl and Deborah’s work in South Africa has been documented in their newsletters during that time. You may go to the newsletter page, or follow the links below to newsletter issues during the time in South Africa.

Newsletters published while working in South Africa:


October 2011 Newsletter (Vol. 1, Issue 2)

November 2011 Newsletter (Vol. 1, Issue 3)

December 2011 Newsletter (Vol. 1, Issue 4)

Rockrohr Christmas Greetings 2011

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July 2012 Newsletter (Vol. 2, Issue 6)

October 2012 Newsletter (Vol. 2, Issue 7)

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January 2013 Newsletter (Vol. 3, Issue 1)

February-March 2013 Newsletter (Vol. 3, Issue 2)

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