Ethiopia Ministry 2013-2014

In July 2013 Carl and Deborah moved from South Africa to serve in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at Mekane Yesus Seminary. Carl served as the Dean of the School of Theology at the seminary for the academic year 2013-14. Deborah took classes learning Amharic and supported Carl’s work as a dean. She taught special classes of academic research methodology for the M.A. students as well as advise for the MA final projects. Ted attended St. Paul Lutheran High School in Concordia, Missouri as a boarding student during 2013-14.

A photo essay will be added to this page later, but much of Carl and Deborah’s work in Ethiopia has been documented in their newsletters during that time. You may go to the newsletter page, or follow the links below to newsletter issues during the time in Ethiopia.

Newsletters published while working in Ethiopia:


April-May 2013 Newsletter (Vol. 3, Issue 3)

June 2013 Newsletter (Vol. 3, Issue 4)

 October 2013 Newsletter (Vol. 3, Issue 5) 

December 2013 Newsletter (Vol. 3, Issue 6)

February 2014 Newsletter (Vol. 4, Issue 1)

 March 2014 Newsletter (Vol. 4, Issue 2)

April 2014 Newsletter (Vol 4, Issue 3) 

May 2014 Newsletter (Vol 4, Issue 4)

June 2014 (Vol 4, Issue 5)

August 2014 (Vol 4, Issue 6)