US Marines at Work in Philippines – Semper Fidelis


Always Faithful. Excellent video by a US Marine in Bravo Battery of exercises in the Philippines.  Our second son, James, is part of this artillery battery deployed for the past months in Philippines, Japan and South Korea. The casualty drill in the video brings home what the US Marines prepare to do for us. Take time to watch the video in fullscreen, it is worth pondering. Semper Fidelis! Carl


Some screen shots from video:

Caption of video on YouTube:

“This is the short film for Bravo Battery’s time in The Philippines. The point of this short film is to show the Battery going from Camp Hansen, Okinawa to the Forward Operating Base in Crow Valley, then the Battery’s operations in the field. Then at the end it will show a montage of extra events. This was made using Apple’s iMovie, the soundtrack used is Brian Tyler’s Call of Duty, MW3 Soundtrack, and the cast is 1st Battalion 10th Marine Regiment, Battery B. Semper Fidelis”

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