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Back Home from Surgery

Dear Friends,

My back surgery and hospital stay went well. I am now home for recovery. We appreciate your prayers that the healing will go well during this 3-6 month process.

In Christ, Carl

Thanksgiving & Christmas 2014

11 Rockrohr Clan Dec 28, 2014 sm Dear Friends,

Christmas and New Year’s Greetings to you from the Carl and Deborah Rockrohr clan.

We were blessed to have all four children and their families together with us on December 28.

From bottom of stairs ascending:  Carl, Deborah, Baby Eli, Rebecca & Scott (Johnson), Stacy & Paul, Megan & James, and Ted.

Prayer requests are Carl’s back surgery scheduled for January 13 and his 3-6 month recovery. Also, both Carl and Deborah need full-time calls/employment.

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Enjoy some photos below – I especially like the photos of Ted now touching the ceiling for the first time contrasted to Eli sitting for the first time (tallest and shortest in the clan).

In Christ, Carl