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Rebecca and Scott’s Wedding, Ted in Missouri & Megan and James’ Engagement

Rebecca and Scott’s wedding on August 10th was beautiful. When we arrived in the U.S. on July 31st there were many things to get ready for the wedding twelve days later. Rebecca, with help from sister-in-law Stacy and Grandmas Jane and Carol, had already accomplished many things, yet Deb was still busy helping Rebecca for the days leading up to the wedding. Scott’s family arrived from the western side of Wisconsin and we were first able to meet his parents and brother, as well as many aunts, uncles and cousins. We a nice rehearsal and dinner afterward on Friday August 9th. The wedding took place on Saturday followed by a cake and coffee reception. Carl preached for the wedding while Pastor Wieting of Luther Memorial Chapel was the officiant. Carl’s father, Rev. David, had his birthday also on August 10th so we had a birthday cake for him and sang happy birthday. Later in the early evening a meal was served followed by a dance. The time was enjoyed by all until finally about 11:30 pm when the last of the guests left the dance.

Rebecca and Scott are now together in the Ft.Wayne, Indiana area. Rebecca is in her deaconess internship year serving at a Lutheran camp and also at a Lutheran congregation. Scott is continuing his education at Concordia Theological Seminary in the S.T.M. program while also serving as the student editor of Concordia Theological Quarterly journal.

Many thanks to all family who helped us, and especially to Pastor Wieting, the ladies and youth group of Luther Memorial who helped with planning, setup and take-down for two receptions and the dance in the gym. It was a very blessed event! May God bless Rebecca and Scott!


Ted Starts High School

The Monday after the wedding (Aug. 12) Carl, Deborah and Ted drove to Missouri to spend the night with Grandparents David and Carol Roth, and see Uncle Jim Roth in Jackson, Missouri. Brother Dan Roth and children Kenny and Karma were already there. We enjoyed a nice evening together. After getting Ted a smartphone for communication on Tuesday, we traveled to Concordia, Missouri where Ted would start boarding high school at St. Paul Lutheran High School. That week in Concordia included sports physical, dentist and orthodontist appointments for Ted. We were blessed with great and quick care. In fact, the orthodontist (Ted’s third) saw that the work had progressed far enough to remove the dental appliances and finish with only a retainer. Ted is thrilled! Ted is doing cross-country as a sport and taking the standard freshman courses.


Megan and James Engaged!

After all these exciting events, another one occurred on August 31. Our son James asked Miss Megan Frisque to marry him. She accepted and we look forward to adding another daughter-in-law. Megan just graduated from the Lutheran Teacher Program of Concordia University Wisconsin and she is starting her first year as a called LCMS Lutheran teacher in Milwaukee. James continues his training in Virginia. They have yet to set a date for their wedding.

So within the span of Easter 2012 when Paul and Stacy got engaged (married December 16, 2012) through the engagement of Rebecca and Scott (in April 2013) and their marriage on August 10, 2013 to now the engagement of Megan and Jim, we have added three more children to our family. We thank the Lord and ask Him to guide and protect them.