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January Newsletter Posted

Our January newsletter is available on the newsletter page. Or directly download the newsletter from here.

This issue talks about changes in our family and our preparations for 2013 at the seminary.

Please pray:

1. Good days for Ted as he began boarding high school at Hilton College near Pietermaritzburg about 6 hours drive from Pretoria.

2. Good beginning for the 2013 school year at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria.

3. Blessings on newlyweds Paul (eldest son) and Stacy (new daughter-in-law) who were married on December 16th.

Thanks for your support! Carl


Photo shows Carl, Deborah, and daughter Rebecca dropping off Ted at his dorm, “Falcon House,” at Hilton College, a boarding high-school in South Africa.

Ted Starts at Hilton College

On January 14 Ted started as a “new boy” at Hilton College. Hilton is an all boys boarding high school near Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. In South Africa high school is grades 8-12. It was Ted’s initial suggestion to attend Hilton and after investigations we agreed it would be a very good opportunity for him.Ted’s full-time boarding also enables Deborah and Carl to travel for missionary work. Though Hilton is a six hour drive away from Pretoria, we already are finding a good support system. Hilton keeps good communication with parents and we have friends at the local Lutheran church and with other families at Hilton. Hilton’s Christian tradition is Anglican and Ted can occasionally attend worship at Immanuel Lutheran in Pietermarizburg, a congregation which is in fellowship with our church in the U.S., the LCMS, and is also affiliated with our work at Lutheran Theological Seminary

This first two weeks are a “settling in” period and he has no communication with us until January 25th. After that we will see him for a “new parents weekend” February 2-4 and he can email and call us. He has four ten-week quarters which each have a long weekend break, so we expect to see Ted at least every five weeks.Ted is especially looking forward to playing basketball again at Hilton. Photos of his first day at Hilton, January 14th: