Ted, Deborah and Carl Doing Well in South Africa

Hello from Pretoria, South Africa! We landed on 21 January, so we have been in Africa  for 10 days now. This is just a brief note to say we are doing well. Ted is in his second week of school at Waterkloof House Preparatory School. Making friends, playing Cricket, etc. Deborah has been doing a lot of planning for the new deaconess program, from adjusting some of LTS’s student rules and regs to help accommodate for women deaconess students, to making sure the deaconess dorm is ready, to writing courses. I have been busy with church and seminary meetings and other activities learning about the seminary and the Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (LCSA). Also some training sessions for working with University of Pretoria courses. Our seminary courses begin next week.

Deb and I attended a funeral of young Lutheran pastor with Bishop Weber and many pastors and leaders of the LCSA on Saturday. Very meaningful to be with fellow Christians in a very different place… yet also similar event. The pastor left behind a young wife with three children.

I will put up more photos soon. In many ways our transition has been very smooth and blessed. Thank you for your prayers. Pray for our continued adjustments, making new friends, understanding the work, and good health. Thank you to many back in the U.S. who are helping us with things there! Carl

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