January Newletter Posted

Our January 2012 Rockrohr News and Notes is now posted. It is four pages long this month, with two major themes. 1) The growth of Christianity in Africa with the need for solid theological education. 2) LCMS missionary funding information. In other words, how Deborah and I are funded.

This newsletter may be considered a primer in these two areas which are often misunderstood or not known at all: that Christianity is very vibrant and growing in Africa, and that LCMS missionaries are responsible to raise and maintain our own funding. I try to address some basic facts in this issue.

Here is a fact I share in the newsletter that I don’t think many people realize:

There are now more Lutherans per capita in the continent of Africa than in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)

Lutherans in Africa = 1.89% of the population

Lutherans in North America = 1.66%

Here is the math:  19,408,688 Lutherans in Africa ÷ 1,022,234,000 total population in Africa * = .0189 = 1.89%

7,638.087 Lutherans in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) ÷ 459,868,757 total population = .0166 = 1.66%

Actually the percentages of Lutherans in the population are probably even a bit further apart in Africa and North America, the Lutheran membership numbers are from 2010 while the population numbers of the USA and Canada are 2011 estimates.

* Yes, students, Dr. Rockrohr doesn’t encourage Wikipedia as a primary source. But check where the linked footnotes are from. 🙂

Enjoy the read! Carl


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