Important Photo Essay: Lutheran Deaconess Training in South Africa

These photos are some of the most important on our website. LCMS missionary work has never before sent a full-time deaconess missionary to train new deaconesses in another country. But Lutherans in South Africa desire this historic women’s position in the church  be established among them, and have asked for LCMS help. (See Romans 16:1, Paul called Phoebe a “deaconess” in the Greek, that is, a woman who is serving in the church.) Already for decades the women of the Lutheran Church in Southern Africa (LCSA) have served in the Women’s League and Women in Action groups – these groups are noted in the photos – but now the LCSA also desires and has a chance to formally train women for the position of deaconess.

These photos are from Deborah’s visit to Pretoria, South Africa, October 22- November 5. On this trip she was able to continue to build relationships which will support her as the Director for Deaconess Training at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria. Deborah was able to meet with several organizations (the Tshwane Leadership Foundation is noted in the photos) that may be used to help train deaconess students in learning how to organize works of mercy. It should be noted that this deaconess training is open to women of other Lutheran church bodies as well. For more information please contact Lutheran Theological Seminary

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