Now “ABD!” Congrats, Deborah!

All course work done for her Ed.D.! As some of our readers know, Deborah has been a full-time doctoral student the last 2 years. She is pursuing a Ed.D. (Doctorate of Education) in the area of Higher Education Leadership and Management from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. Several days ago, on Sunday August 14th, she turned in her last course assignments for the degree. I wanted to post a congrats yet that night, but Deb wanted me to wait until she knew she passed the courses. She did and with flying colors! She is now officially “ABD,” All But Dissertation. She has a good start on her dissertation, and in the midst of our missionary preparation and support-raising this fall Deborah will also be engaged in her dissertation research and writing. Way faster than me, Deb!  🙂  Carl

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