May 2011 Lutheran Witness and South Africa Missions

The new May issue of the LCMS Lutheran Witness very helpfully describes (download link here) the blessings, ministries and challenges of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. Some supporters have asked Deb and me, why do you have to raise funds to go to South Africa? When we went to Ghana in 1992, we did not have to raise funds before we left for the field. Today all LC-MS missionaries must. (And thus, the partnership with Michigan District and other donors is so vital!) The article on page 7 gives some other details of the changed mission situation as well.

Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria

Deb and I truly believe that the work at Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) in Pretoria is a unique Africa-wide outreach opportunity of the Lutheran Church of Southern Africa, the Free Evangelical Lutheran Church in South Africa, and the Lutheran Church Mission – Bleckmar Mission (English translation through Google Translate) . Deb and I are called to assist these faithful partners in the Gospel.  As partners, LTS is their seminary and we have the opportunity to assist in ways we are blessed.

In the coming days I will be making a few design changes to to give better information about the work in South Africa, our involvement, ministry details and details for supporting the work. Check back soon! Carl


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