MI District Supports Rockrohr South Africa Work

Michigan District, LCMS officials Rev. Roosevelt Gray and Mr. Ray Zavada met with me on April 11th to talk about Deb’s and my new calls to be missionaries in South Africa. They said, “Would you be willing to accept a pledge of $50,000 from the Michigan District’s The Future is Now Campaign for your work in South Africa?”  I replied, “Yes, thank you!”

Not only is the MI District pledge amount very helpful, but we highly value the Christian partnership of our district with our work in South Africa. Donors and congregations who support the The Future is Now campaign for work in Michigan also support our work in South Africa. In the coming months as unrestricted donations are given to the campaign, a portion will be sent to LCMS World Mission to support our specific work.

If you are interested in directly supporting our South Africa work, you can give through two ways:

  1. Give through the Michigan District “The Future is Now” campaign. All gifts designated specifically for our work will go directly to LC-MS World Mission to our specific budget. Mr. Ray Zavada can help you with this. His contact information is on the campaign web page.
  2. Give to LC-MS World Mission and designate our work. Again, all gifts designated for our work goes 100% to our budget.

Much more information about the South Africa work will be coming soon…

Thank you!  Carl

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