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Congrats Lady Cardinals and Play Hard!

Congratulations to CUAA’s women’s basketball team for reaching the conference championship! It will be played on Feb 28. If they win they go to the national tournament. 🙂  DR    See article

Update: Ministry Calls to South Africa

A few details of the calls:

Both Carl and Deb have calls to serve at the Lutheran Theological Seminary of the partner church, Lutheran Church of Southern Africa. Deb’s call is be director of the new deaconess training program. Title: Director-Diaconal Program. Carl’s call is to teach at the seminary, and assist with academic planning for the seminary as well as assist the bishop of the church with specific tasks. Carl’s two titles: Theological Educator & Academic Associate.

Deb, Ted and Carl are visiting South Africa in the coming days and ask for your prayers as they consider the calls. More updates soon…   DR

Ministry Calls to South Africa

From local sports in the last post, to international ministry in this post: Carl and Deborah have both received calls through the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod Board for International Missions to serve at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria, South Africa. (click here for Google Street view) . The seminary is operated by partner Lutheran church, Lutheran Church in South Africa.

Updates will be posted as more details become available. Carl and Deb ask you to keep them in your prayers as they consider these calls to South Africa. DR

Go Packers!

31 to 25! Great win Pack! DR

Interview on Issues, etc. Internet Radio – Feb 15, 3 pm Central Time

Carl is scheduled to be interviewed on “Issues Etc. Christ-Centered Cross-Focused Talk Radio” on February 15, 2011 at 3 pm (US central time). The topic will be Carl’s chapter “Natural Law in an African Setting” in the new CPH book “Natural Law: A Lutheran Reappraisal” To listen live go to the website and click on the listen link at that time. Or listen to the interview afterward in the archive section. DR

Rockrohr Family 2011 Epiphany Newsletter

It has been a while since we have sent out a family newsletter, but thanks to Deb here it is for 2011.

Note: You can read it right here, but if the print is too small you can download it or click on the upper right hand corner box to open the newsletter in Google docs.

Some browsers do not work with this feature to view the newsletter here, you can also just download it.

The “Where we took the photo” link at the end of the newsletter works if you download and read with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 🙂

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