Kingdom Witnessing Words Seminar Offered

Dr. Carl Rockrohr, Assistant Prof. of Religion at Concordia University Ann Arbor, is offering a weekend witnessing seminar entitled “Kingdom Witnessing Words” for congregations. The topics will focus on the Christian’s identity in God’s kingdom and the effectiveness of God’s Word among all different types of cultures and situations, addressing the issue, “what can I say to witness?”  The suggested format will be a Saturday workshop from 9 am – 2:30 pm with presentations, small group discussion, and time for devotions and prayer. Dr. Rockrohr can preach the Sunday sermon(s) as well as lead another session during the Adult Bible hour. The Sunday sermon and Bible class will build on the Saturday sessions, but  will also be useful to all not attending the Saturday seminar. Dr. Rockrohr has been a congregational pastor as well as an LC-MS missionary to Ghana, West Africa. Contact Dr. Rockrohr at Concordia University Ann Arbor for more details.

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