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Epiphany Devotion 2016

Martin_Luther_by_Cranach-restorationHow does God bring people to Himself? God raises people from spiritual death to spiritual life in Christ by the power of the Gospel. Luther reminds and encourages us in this devotional reading. Blessed Epiphany! Carl


Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. Isaiah 60:1

The admonition to “arise” is without doubt spoken to one who has not arisen, that is, to one who is lying asleep, or is dead. I think St. Paul had this passage in mind when he said in Ephesians, “It is said, ‘Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light’.” Ephesians 5:14.

Without doubt Christ is the “light” of which Isaiah speaks here, the light which through the Gospel shines forth throughout the whole world and gives light to all men who arise and desire Him.

But who are these sleepers and dead men? Without a doubt they are all those who are in subjection under the Law, for they are all dead through sin. They also include those who are dead, who disregard the Law and live a free life without the restraints of the Law.

The work-righteous are the sleepers who do not feel any shortcomings at all. Neither of these two groups pays much attention to the Gospel. They keep on in their sleep and a life which is nothing but death. The Spirit must awaken them so that they see and recognize the light.

There is a third group who feel the Law biting their conscience: they also long for grace and sigh for the Gospel; they also see to it that the Gospel comes and is given to men; they proclaim it, like Isaiah, to awake the sleepers and those who are dead so that they may accept the light. SL.XII 288,4-5

PRAYER: Shine in our hearts, 0 Lord, with true Epiphany light, that we, through this light, may at all times be a true light in this world to all our fellowmen. Amen.

[From page 48 of Luther for the Busy Man, translated by Dr. P.D. Paul, Lutheran Publishing House, Adelaide, South Australia, 1974. Luther portrait from Wikipedia Commons,]


Rockrohr July Newsletter Available

Paul with Stacy Andrew printYou are welcome to catch up on our family and ministry news including:

  • Update on Carl’s Back Surgery
  • Ted’s Schooling and Deborah’s Call to Concordia Lutheran High School
  • Paul’s Ordination
  • Updates on Paul, Stacy and new son Andrew; James and Megan; Scott, Becky and Eli
  • Carl’s New Writing Project
  • Stand Fast for Jesus
  • Prayer Requests

Our love in Christ,
Carl and Deborah


Back Home from Surgery

Dear Friends,

My back surgery and hospital stay went well. I am now home for recovery. We appreciate your prayers that the healing will go well during this 3-6 month process.

In Christ, Carl


Thanksgiving & Christmas 2014

11 Rockrohr Clan Dec 28, 2014 sm Dear Friends,

Christmas and New Year’s Greetings to you from the Carl and Deborah Rockrohr clan.

We were blessed to have all four children and their families together with us on December 28.

From bottom of stairs ascending:  Carl, Deborah, Baby Eli, Rebecca & Scott (Johnson), Stacy & Paul, Megan & James, and Ted.

Prayer requests are Carl’s back surgery scheduled for January 13 and his 3-6 month recovery. Also, both Carl and Deborah need full-time calls/employment.

If you are interested in receiving our email newsletter please contact us at

Enjoy some photos below – I especially like the photos of Ted now touching the ceiling for the first time contrasted to Eli sitting for the first time (tallest and shortest in the clan).

In Christ, Carl


August-September Newsletter Available

Family Wedding Rehearsal 650px

Photo: Rockrohr Family July 4, 2014

August-September Newsletter Available

  • Return to the USA
  • Family Events (Wedding, Ordination, Deaconess Commissioning)
  • Future Ministry
  • Prayer Requests
  • Thank you for your interest and support!

You can download the newsletter on the newsletter page.


Sword Arch 650px

Photo: Sword Arch after Jim and Megan’s Wedding



June Newsletter Available

mys teaching staff b

Photo: Mekane Yesus Seminary School of Theology Staff

This issue includes:

  • Photos of activities and people at Mekane Yesus Seminary
  • Ministry changes for Carl and Deborah
  • Rockrohr Summer visitation schedule
  • Photos of our new grandson and baptism

You can download the newsletter at the newsletter page.




May Newsletter Available

Africa_Meeting_2014Our May newsletter is ready for your reading pleasure!

This month’s topics include:

– Reflection on ministry in Ghana 20 years ago

– Summer visitation Schedule

God bless your day!


Photo: LCMS Missionaries from South Africa, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, Guinea, and Ethiopia; and Rev. Dr. Collver. Not pictured: Missionary Phil Jaseph of Kenya took the picture.


April Newsletter Available

Will Carl Deb b Our April newsletter is available for download hereNewsletter page here.

Photo: Rev. Dr. William Schumacher from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis has joined Carl and Deborah for two months to teach two MA systematic theology  courses. He is the Director of Institute for Mission Studies and Mission Associate Professor of Historical Theology at Concordia Seminary.

High quality link here.


Rockrohr March Newsletter

deb-at-akaki-riverIn this month’s newsletter Deborah writes about mercy and language learning. You may download here    or   go to newsletter page.


Photo: Deborah overlooks the Akaki River in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. About 1 mile downstream from this bridge the river runs alongside Mekane Yesus Seminary where we live and work.




Carl & Deborah’s Newsletter from Ethiopia – February

eecmy-management-meeting   Our February newsletter is available for download.

  Download click here.

   Newsletter page click here.

Photo is of meeting between LCMS President Matthew Harrison and Dr. Al Collver (Assistant to the President for Church Relations) and the Management Committee of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus. Carl and Deborah were able to attend the meetings.